Wednesday, January 29, 2014

first call with the Client (India)

Yesterday was a very exciting day as our sub- team (Anneliese,Lukas&me) organized a conf call and we could manage to speak with our Client and with our NGO Program Manager from India her name is Shruti Chakravarty.  (ie: what we heared as this is a quite a big thing as in India it is very restricted/limited to dial international numbers or initiate conf calls)

Our Client name is Mr. Rajeev Thakur he is the HR Manager of the LSRM Company in Ludhiana - .

Very friendly and energetic attitude. We introduced ourselves just to give for him a bit of background (family&work) and to let him knows what are our main skills which he can rely on, and will help him  and his company to succeed this project. We explained to him our pre-researches what we've already done and mentioned to him as we will do a brain storming session on the first week just to be at same level of understanding about our SOW (Scope of Work).

We all agreed after the call as "this is/was just the beginning of a beautiful friendship :) ..." and we will keep in touch before we will meet him face to face in India in our kick off meeting. We are all very excited and cannot wait to be there and ACT on the problem.

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