India ..I just cannot wait to see you :)

What a surprise.... !

To tell you the truth - based on my other IBM colleagues experiment - I did not expect such a quick "call to action" from the CSC team.
(You know in my earlier blog I mentioned that I was just selected to the CSC this year in July 2013)

On the 28th October this year, I had the honour to receive an invitation from the CSC operations team mentioning that I was selected for the India 22 Team Assignment, which will be placed in Ludhiana, India from 7thFeb till 8th March in 2014. Our NGO partner will be Pyxera Global and our projects will be defined at a later stage.

At first some writing about the location:

I hope you know all :) about India, and everybody has an impression about that Country, however you know what is Punjab and you know where is Ludhiana? To answer that question under those links you can more explore about that city, situated in PUNJAB region: Ludhiana wiki and Ludhiana wikimapia

PUNJAB: Punj means five and aab means water, so punjab means five waters. These five rivers that run through punjab, having their originating source as various small lakes in Himalayas.

What I found really interesting about PUNJAB is that the Punjabi civilization is one of the oldest on earth, with its distinguished language, culture, food, attire, script, folklore, people, etc. Punjabi language has its originating source in Sanskrit (not Hindi or Urdu as many young Indian Pakistanis believe), i.e. the family of Indo-European group of languages which includes Persian and Latin.

Secondly why IBM in India or in Ludhiana?
I do think as our team will have a lot of to do and we will make or suggest changes. I hope also that we can collect and force our creativity to create values and make their life easier and SMARTER.

Here is an article about IBM presence
IBM in Ludhiana

Third but not least about the CSC India 22 team:
Imagine that 12 of us will be there from 11 different countries, with 12 different personalities.

Dmytro Malinov Germany
Cristian Florin Neicu Romania
Lawrence Cooper Ireland
Anneliese Gegenheimer United States
Rafal Bilyk Canada
Alessandra Gagliardi Italy
Kazuhiro Nakanishi Japan
Cathy S. Harvell United States
Jesus Eduardo Gonzalez Torres Mexico
Bernardo Mascarenhas Marinho Brazil
Lukas Vrana Czech Republic
Peter Miklos Hungary

During the 3 months prework we will have weekly calls, smart cloud meetings, guest speakers, and lot of to do's. We should be able to complete our  Corporate Services Learning Plan by touching different education materials (team development,roles and responsibilities, travel health&insurance, cultural adaptability).

I would be glad if you will join me in this adventure, and you will follow my posts.


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