Thursday, March 6, 2014

Final Blogpost - LSRM Team's Mission Completed

Tuesday night our Hotel the Fortune Park Klassik Hotel invited us for a Cocktail & Dinner at their restaurant&bar.

The Hotel Management& me
My dear Cathy, Dimitri myself&Anneliese
Than the last 2 days were all about to get ready with the final presentation, finalize the recommendations and to put together the final report for our Client.
Finally, after having "some problem" to print off the final report we made it!
Three out of the four team gave their final presentation to their clients today.

We, LSRM team presented to our client and other stakeholders, like CSR committee members, employees.

The LSRM CSR program has now a name, mission and slogen.
The name is "Balika Shikshanam" which means girl child education in Sanskrit. Our client mentioned to us when a new born arrives to an Indian family, at first they look for a Sanskrit name to give.
The mission is to promote girl's education by empowering LSRM employee families and girl children in Ludhiana through educational, financial and personal growth support.
The slogan: "Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom!
With questions& discussions, also with the Hindi translation by the HR Manager- Rajeev Thakur-  our team presentation lasted several hours.
We have all learned so much about the program, client, the program benefit so somehow we call it: "our girl child"!
We hope we have inspired and helped them as much as they have inspired and taught us in the past 4 weeks.

We took the last pictures of the LSRM manufacturing area....

.....and look at that :)

we found some flowers on the ground, which means the spring is coming here as well, and "a new life is on the way" just like our Project: Balika Shikshanam, CSR Girl Child Education Program!

It was sad to leave our client for the last time. It has been a joy to work with them and made us feel we will leave behind a part of our heart!

PAU and Swabhimaan Team completed their final presentation as well with great success, so by the end of the day EVERYONE WERE SMILING!
Our 4th team - the BHARTI  team -  will present to their client tomorrow morning in Delhi as their HQ is there and not in Ludhiana.

9 of us will all debrief tomorrow late afternoon and either continue the travel in India or travel back to their home country.

... with that final blog, my CSC adventure is over, but with a big smile and with lot of joy and happiness in my heart, lot of learning&cultural experience, and by having new friends from all around the world!

We will miss you India, Punjab, Ludhiana, LSRM Sub Team - Anneliese&Lukas + Rajeev!

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