Saturday, March 1, 2014

Let the children -future generation- rise&shine! - IBM CSC India 22 Team Volunteer Day

Volunteer DAY 28th Feb in Ludhiana, Punjab

Service and volunteering have always been essential elements of what it means to be an IBMer—at any given time.

Yesterday we went to a Swabhimaan school where we spent almost half a day with the children.
When we arrived they  were already waiting for us, and we saw them coming out of their classrooms by wearing their nice uniforms.

We split  - the almost 90 or 100 - students to 9 groups. Our Team (IBM CSC) split into 6 group as well, and our task was to learn&play with the children and know more about them.
We created sub team games and those were like: outdoor activities, origami paper games, learning about animals or do some logical games.
I was with Bernardo, the Brazil team member from the IBM CSC India 22 Team and we played with them "memory games".

It was good that we learnt as well how they say the words in Hindi, so that we could teach them how to say in English. They were really inspired to learn more and more through this little "fun&learn" exercise.
At the end of the activity they received a "fish" stamp to their check-list also a certificate that they accomplished the 6 games.

The pictures will tell everything about that great day, pls have a look and look inside of you:

If at least once a year you can help in a child or children education, pls feel free to do that because that is how our existing generation allow our future generation to grow and rise!

Remember Children are the colours in our life!

Post you soon!

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