Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ludhiana Steel Rolling Mill - Education Project Plan and Design -

Last week I finally received my Scope of Work from the NGO Partner - Pyxera Global-  and it was published in the mean time with which team members from the CSC India 22 Team I will work closely. I am happy to share with you as my team-mates will be Anneliese Gegenheimer from US & Lukas Vrana from Czech Republic.

Our main scope will be to build up the company's CSR (Corporate Social Responsability) activity; concentrate on their education project plan and design (especially for young girls who are Below Poverty Line)

The Company LSRM -Ludhiana Steel Rolling Mill - has its origin from 1937.
LSRM ultimately hope that their interventions will result in a stable and committed workforce. LSRM believes that an educated woman can bring about a positive change not only for herself but for the whole family. Educated women are more likely to ensure education for all children in the family, more likely to invest resources back into the family, and are likely to have a greater knowledge of health and nutrition. Girl child education would mean strengthening her ability to address the discriminatory practices that she is subjected to.
Our sub-team consultancy will be about how to assist LSRM in turning their CSR objective of school education with focus on the girl child and her family into an implementable project plan. We should be able to help them how to develop a roadmap with it's methodology, also how they should be able to evaluate and measure it's success.

Key focus will be to visit the schools of the beneficiary children and schedule meetings with their families especially with their mothers (explain to them company's CSR activity and benefits from the program).
In the mean time we should schedule visits to non-profit organisations in Ludhiana that work on education and women’s empowerment to learn more about it's capability.

As you can see it will be a very important, very challenging project which will gain more focus on the company's "good will", in parallel it will create a vision how to think forward and change the existing "conviction" about women's education importancy in India.

Cross your fingers for that success! :)
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