Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Amritsar & the Wagah Border Ceremony

the whole story begins with barefoot(s)...

16th February was a Sunday, so we agreed with the team and with our local consultant Jaspreet to go and visit the famous Sikh Temple, the Golden Temple in Amritsar and in case we will have time we can go and see the Wagah Border Ceremony.

As you can see from the picture I cannot describe you how many people were on the street and all came to Amritsar to see the mystic Golden Temple or Sri Harmandir Sahib and its area.

Some background about Amrisar and the Sikh religion:

Amritsar city is one of the major cities of the Sikh nation. Under instructions from Guru Amar Das Sahib, this city was founded by Guru Ram Das Sahib in 1574.

Sikhism is a practical religion. It does not consist in a certain set of beliefs or mere words. Religion does not imply wandering to shrines and tombs, or following austerities of Yogis. Sikhism is a way of life, something to be lived according to a pattern. Its main virtue is simplicity. There is no super naturalism or mythology on which it rests. It does not believe in devils or angels or heavenly spirits.  Sikhism is a universal religion. 

The Sikh temple is called a Gurdwara. The word 'Gurdwara' means 'Gateway to the Guru'.

Many of the Gurdwaras in Punjab have a pool (sarovar) for bathing in.

In Sikhism one can bath in these pools if they wish, but they should be pure inside in order to accomplish anything. For the water may clean you on the outside, but it cannot clean you on the inside if your heart is not pure. Unlike some religions, pilgrimages is not a part of Sikhism. Sikhs may visit any Gurdwara as they are all considered equal because in all the living Guru, Sri Guru Granth Sahib (the Sikh Holy Scriptures), is installed as the spiritual head of the Sikh religion. 

We spent in the area around 3.5 hours and we received a better insight of this religion. Have a look on this pictures/video and enjoy the music, the sun and all together the peace what we felt there from the first sight.

Yes, we made it! We had time still so e were on our way to the Wagah Border Ceremony which normally starts when the sun comes down near 17.00 every day. Wagah is the only road border crossing between the two countries

The ceremony lasts for around 45 minutes in total. It starts with high patriotic spirits from sides of the border. Soldiers march towards the gate at the border, which is thrown open when they reach there. The soldiers salute each other other and start lowering the flags.

The flags are lowered at the same time. The soldiers retrieve and fold the flags, the gate slams shut, and a trumpet sounds the end of the ceremony. The soldiers then return with their country's respective flag.

During the ceremony all of the Indian people chanted very loudly:

"Bharat Mata" which is "Mother of India"!

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