Friday, February 7, 2014

in Delhi

I arrived to Delhi at 8am as planned with the other guys (unfortunately Alessandra's flight was cancelled, so she will join us only on the train to Ludhiana).

from left Cristian, Dymitro, Pierre, myself, Bernardo, Lukas

We had the chance to explore Delhi and do some sight seeings before we will move forward and ahead to Ludhiana.We visited the great Red Fort which is located at delhi and is also known as lal qil'ha or lal qila

In the afternoon we went to see the Humayun's tomb and had some drive in New Delhi. You see Cristian on the left.

3 lessons learnt :)
-Respect their traffic and parking rules: "imagine that there aren't any, just use the horn and the trafic situation will be solved or somehow accommodated and thanks to God without any accident" and the same with parking: "do not stress yourself about the how, they will arrange it even in a very crowded parking slot" They will do some "puzzle-ing" and it works.

Bernardo, Pierre myself & Cristian @ the taxi

- Do not wear watch, do not check how much time you spent to reach one place to another. Timing here is really different. More important is to dedicate yourself to presence and just "watch" or look the situations as real time movies in your life.

Pierre is watching a man who is dealing with a hand manufacturing object, by doing a marble carving. Than you see a cow cart passing by at the street nice and slow, just to keep the traffic on.

- Keep on smiling as they are really nice and friendly people, they are not in a hurry.

 in summary: "if you smile the whole world smiles with you"

Tomorrow we will be on the way to Ludhiana (5hrs train trip), post you soon.

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