Sunday, February 23, 2014

Nice weekend in Himachal Pradesh

"Himachal Pradesh what a beautiful part of India..."

7 members from the IBM CSC India 22 team & myself spent the weekend in Shimla.

View from the main squere

The weather was nice and we had the chance to visit most of the places which connects the Shimla Heritage Walk on Saturday.

We started our walk with the Jakhoo Temple, which is the main temple of the Hindu God Hanuman. The temple is at the top of the Jakhoo mountain 2.455m above see level.

The entrance
Hanuman sculpture (around 32m)
Dimitri, Anneliese myself and Lukas

Is he hungry?
"We are a family"
The temple of Hanuman

As you can see from the pictures that place - Shimla itself as well - is a favourite place for the monkeys. To share with you my experience some of them are friendly, but some of them can be very aggressive as well (of course they are hungry and they are searching for any moment if they can get/steel some snack "from the tourists")

We continued our trip in Shimla and some of us stopped for a street food at the local Lakkar Bazar. Have a look at the "Indian carrots sculpture" as well the red-white-green dips of course it reminded me for my Hungarian national flag.

The carrots Himalaya
Lakkar Bazar

"Hungarian" street food

In Shimla center we found lot of nice places which British colonial architecture beauty goes back to the neo- Gothic structure as well.
Main example is the Christ Church, the neo Tudor library building and the Gaiety Theatre building.

Beauty from Shimla
Breathtaking view

Main square of Shimla
Indira Gandhi,  Dzsaváharlál Nehru's daughter

The Gaiety Theatre
Mall Road

I am hungry
Searching for some food

For Sunday we decided to take the Kalka Shimla railway from Shimla to Solan (this took "only" 3 hrs) and which is known by it's breathtaking views of the Himalaya's and surrounding villages.

Here we go!

Our little team,from the right: Cathy, Cristian, Kazu, Anneliese, Dimitri and myself
Train station of Shimla

View from the train

One of the bridges

The view to the Himalaya's

We arrived to Solan
The engine driver with his son

We arrived back to the Hotel at Sunday evening and feel ourselves re- energized after this marvelous weekend.
We wait for the 3rd week of our assignment at Ludhiana in Punjab.

Post you soon!

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