Saturday, February 8, 2014

Finally arrived to Ludhiana

That was a really long day.

We got up at 6.00 am and we reached the train from Delhi to Ludhiana at 7.00 am. That was AN experience :)

The first thing which was not familiar for me as porters came into the picture and they were really aggressive to hold on the top of their heads the more than 25 and less than 35 kilo weighted baggages (because of tipping) "on top" they were really fast moving, so it was an advice to keep on eyes on them "where" they will land our baggages, also be sure that they will put them to the good train carriage.

The next story is that MAV should pick up some lessons from the Indian train service facilities.
The seats were very comfortable&clean also during the 5 hrs trip full service was included which means that we had morning tea, we got some bananas, Kellogg's cornflakes, vegetarian or non vegetarian dish, tea again and 1 bottle of still water of course. Our class type was called like 1A which is  - just to compare with MAV - similar to our 1st class fast (not intercity) trains from Budapest to Nyiregyhaza.

 From the left, Cristian, Cathy, Kazu, Dymitro, myself & Rafal

Third experience was incredible. The train did not reach the 110km/hrs average speed and on each stations they spent only 3 minutes. So at Ludhiana station we had only 3 min, so you need to be very fast to pick up your baggage and your travel bag and jump out of the train as there are a lot of people who wanted to leave the train and the corridor was really narrow, however we took a picture just to record that experience.

From the front Cathy, myself, Cristian, Rafal, Dmytro and Kazu

Finally we managed it and we took of the train and have a picture in front of the Ludhiana Tab in addition to the tracks. 

We had a a really nice surprise as the Hotel prepared for us a greeting ceremony so as we arrived an Arati was given (mark of worship and to seek blessings from GOD) also flower garlands and a very nice welcome drink.

From the left Cahty, myself & Kazu

We tried the auto rickshaw drives and went to a nice place to eat and than came back to the Hotel and we made some very important discussions with Mamtha and with Shruti&Jaspreet.

For the evening finally Anneliese arrived near 21.30 so we had some chat with her and as we went out for a walk, I found a pink lotus blossom (symbol of fortune and faithfulness in Buddhism) so it definitely "crowned" my 1st day at Ludhiana.

Tomorrow we will go to Chandigarh to see it's famous Rock Garden, Sukhna Lake and Shanti Kunj, follow me than tomorrow.

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