Wednesday, February 12, 2014

LSR Group& IBM CSC mission

Let's speak about more about our Client - the LSR Group

LSR Group was established way back in 1938 by Sh. R. K. Jain seeing the scenario of future growth of steel industries in India. The LSR Group has sort of very eventful past with clear future, located in the industrial hub of Ludhiana (Manchester of India). The group is professionally managed by Chairman Sh. R.K. Jain with the help of his two sons.Product Portfolio of the group includes Steel Rounds & Bars,Steel Ingots , Automotive Castings , Open Die Forgings and Industrial Gases.

On Tuesday we were able to meet Mr Jain LSR Group's Partner / CEO. We were pleased to see his vision for the girl's education CSR program and we managed to show him our planned methodology and approach as well. 

Why they are different than other manufacturing companies?

1. LSR Group are put their best efforts in making the environment pollution free, clean and green. They have been selected as one of the model units in India by UNDP/GEF, Ministry of Steel, India, for the modernization of plant.
2. They would like to act on Corporate Social Responsibility. As Mr Jain mentioned since the foundation of the LSR organization in 1938, the continuous effort has been to return to the community as much as possible. They work with integrity, passion and whole heatedly for the betterment of the society. That leaded them to contact Pyxera Global in cooperation with IBM to help them create a vision statement by focusing on girl child/children education.

Wednesday we went to see the LSR Group's main forging steel manufacturing plant in Ludhiana also.

I hope the pictures will talk about their selves and you are curious to watch the video I posted how the steel can be framed and shaped by using a huge "hammer".
Anneliese & Lukas@the forging plant

Look inside of the ground area
Finish goods, marked with LSR logo
The LSRM CSC team with Rajeev (HR Manager)

I found a bunch of poppies which is great and keeps confident
on the Company's environmental care

Electric heating furnaces are installed for 1.75 Ton & 1.25 Ton hammer, which are fully operational.

Video! Forging the steel with the largest hammer in Punjab
Surprisingly, they have a garden, where a lot of types of vegetables
can be found. Their workers can eat them as they wish to, at any time.
On the way back to LSRM Rajeev stopped the driver to get sugar cane juice from a roadside stand. At first time for a European it is a fully different taste, but than you taste it again and it is so delicious and refreshing!

Try to get the most out of it
Rajeev, Peter & Lukas by drinking a sugarcane juice
In terms of our Project, part of our methodology is using focus groups, interviews, and an employee survey in order to better understand the need(s) of girl child/children and to help us form our girl's education program.  

I've started to interview them one by one and will continue the needs assessment through next week with my fantastic colleagues Anneliese&Lukas.

Rajeev the HR Manager, a Supervisor & myself

Rajeev, Mr BHAGWANT SINGH and myself having a survey with him about the LSRM Girl Child education possibility
 Post you soon!

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