Sunday, February 9, 2014


I will start with this inspirational quote, hope you can read it, if not than here you are the phrase:

"What matters is not to add years to your life, what(how) to ADD LIFE to your years." Alexis Garre

Think of that! We are here now with the India 22 CSC team to advise "how" to add life to our Clients Business Goals.

We went to see Chandigarh (split by 57 sectors), the capital city of Punjab and Haryana states. 

I would like to share with you some useful information about this green city, and you can ask from me why I call a city in India "green"?

The fact is what we saw it was amazing and indescribable as in India there is such a environmental friendly city:

- this is the first Smoke-free City of India, so I imagine that you should PAY some INR when you smoke and you drop your cigarette to the street
- it is clean, you wont see a lot of trashes next to the streets
- it has beautiful park area's, lot of green places
- everybody looked really friendly and calm

Chandigarh, the dream city of India's first Prime Minister, Sh. Jawahar Lal Nehru, was planned by the famous French architect Le Corbusier. Picturesquely located at the foothills of Shivaliks - which form a part of the fragile Himalayan ecosystem- and  it is known as one of the best experiments in urban planning and modern architecture in the twentieth century in India. 

Rock Garden: surrealist arrangement of rocks, boulders, broken chinaware, discarded fluorescent tubes, broken and cast away glass bangles, building waste, coal & clay-all juxtaposed to create a dream folk world of places, soldiers, monkeys, village life, women and temples.There were a lot family who brought their children to see its beauty, also to teach them how to take care of the environment.

Wall made of PVC pipes

I found a cute little chipmunk

Incredible walls and sculptures

Our Great CSC India 22 Team

Open theater, decorated entirely with recycled tiles in mosaics, almost like the Guell Park in Barcelona created by Gaudi.

That is a famous peacock and a yogi guru

Swings were fun, Anneliese and a little Indian girl

Towards the end of Rock Garden, there is a huge ground. This place is one of the popular picnic station for children. Lot of space to play, enjoy Camel ride and much more around the space.

Sukhna Lake: It s a good place to go in Sunday, any free days & spend some time there… If you are there, don’t miss the cultural program by Chandigarh Tourism Dept, there were a lot of people there, and imagine it was like 23 degree and they wear pullovers, coats, winter know the month of February is still part of their "winter".

and finally Rose Garden: Rose garden is spread over 30 acres of land having 1600 different species of roses. These have been planted beautifully carved out lawns and flowers. They call the type of Roses with different sometimes funny names.

On the way back to the Hotel we stop at a fresh orange juice provider and some of us tried it's taste.

Tomorrow will be one of our most important day in Ludhiana (first impressions). The Clients will come and we will have our Kick of Meeting with them and with the IBM India Representatives. Post you soon!   

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