Friday, February 14, 2014

Just another great day in Ludhiana with IBM CSC & LSRM

Today was an amazing day!

Part of our methodology what we are using to put our project more feasible is that we are using employee surveys (22 out of 40 we completed with the help of my CSC team mate Lukas), focus group interviews with NGO's and with the LSRM employees who have at least one girld child and of course girl & mother interviews at their homes.
Rajeev our Client was kindly arranged for us 2 interviews just for today afternoon and we will continue them in the coming week, 2 still to be completed.

The first family whom we chose to have interview, the father is a time office controller at LSRM, the mother is a housewife and they have 3 girl children and no son. Ruchi  17 yrs old and she is the oldest sister, Rolly 13 yrs old and than the little 8 yrs old Rani :) They were really friendly with us, they served tea and biscuits and surprisingly they were not afraid from us, they answered to our questions really honestly. What we found out as they do not suffer a lot from lack of education, Rolly goes to an international School (private), she can speaks really fluently in English.
She explained as she would like to be a Doctor (cross our fingers to makes her dream true) and her older sister is at a Senior Secondary School (public) and she would like to pass the medical studies and arrange a work facility around that area.

the father Kumar, his wife and next to her it is Ruchi, than Rolly and Anneliese in front

My CSC team mate Anneliese asked the questions about girl education issues, and factors where they can see LSRM Girl Education CSR Program can help. Here is a video, have a look and think!

"People have dreams, so she has a dream which is to become a Doctor so that she can help for lot of people!" Rolly

After our visit we received from them a gift, which is a nice picture in a frame representing a composition of their Hindu Gods.

Myself, Ruchi &Rolly

Our second family whom we chose the father is working at LSRM part of the quality control team. He has a wife and two children a son and a daughter Prianka.

What was really interesting as Prianka would like to be a Police Women, so as you can see each of the girls has their clear vision. Also what we learnt as in this family the mother owns the "schooling budget" so the husband give to her every month to arrange from that what she can pay (almost 30% of the husband salary should go for their children education  fees and supplies), but as they mentioned this is the minimum what they can do for their children, so that they get educated and hopefully live their lives in a better way.

Myself, the mother, her son in the back, Prianka Anneliese & Lukas

For the evening our entire IBM CSC team went to our local consultant's - Jaspreet- home in Ludhiana, Punjab where he lives with his parents.
Their hospitality was amazing and as we left our homes now almost one week time, we felt as we are somehow "at our home" again :)

Thanks for them and to Jaspreet!

Post you soon, we will go to Amritsar this Sunday!

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